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One Million Ratings? It’s a Party!


We got so excited in celebration over 1 million user submitted ratings, that we’ve decided to roll out some great new features!

Wondering if the mascara you’re looking at is long-lasting? What about the battery-life of that laptop. Well, wonder no longer! You’ll now see at a glance highlights of the most important product features. We do it with a special super-computing system we call Penfold (think, Danger Mouse). He gets smarter every day, and makes everyone’s lives easier while shopping.

We found that many of you liked browsing our list of hot products, we’ve expanded that to a new section called Discover. It’s your place to discover the products that everyone is checking out and rating highly on Consumr. 

Haven’t updated? What are you waiting for!



Great @numitea from my #scanbox via @consumr I guess I should explain the fork, I did so many #tealeafreadings this week that I ran out of spoons. This tea in particular is called Emperor’s Pu•Erh tea and it reminds me of #steampunk energy. So rustic and ancient indeed.


Great @numitea from my #scanbox via @consumr I guess I should explain the fork, I did so many #tealeafreadings this week that I ran out of spoons. This tea in particular is called Emperor’s Pu•Erh tea and it reminds me of #steampunk energy. So rustic and ancient indeed.

Take home some 2014 rewards

It's January, so it's time for some new Leaderboard rewards from Consumr! 

Our top great reviewer will get to take home a new Amazon Kindle! Great for students, for reading around the house, or a great gift.

Are you a whiz at scoring points on Consumr? Well get ready to beam TV directly from your phones and tablets using a brand new Google Chromecast! We also have a mystery prize this month for inviting friends. The early bird gets the worm, so get active on Consumr! 

Want to know where you rank? Just load up your Consumr for iPhone app and tap on the menu button on the top left to find our live Leaderboard. Good luck!

Price is now a part of Consumr!

The newest version of Consumr for iPhone is live and it’s filled with our most requested feature: pricing! Take a look at what else is new…

Average Price
Consumr now shows you the average price of any product so you know if you’re getting a great deal (or not so great deal) while shopping at the store.

Wondering where your notifications went once you read them? Tap the barcode at the top of the app to see all your follows, likes, and expertise notices!

We’re a bunch of nerds at Consumr. That’s why we’ve added our proprietary RateScore next to every rater. The score uses a lot of complex math, timey wimey, wibbly wobbly type of things. Check it out!

As usual there’s at least a dozen things we didn’t mention. Things like swiping back and forth through products, tapping on photos to zoom, and viewing all your likes in kudos on your profile. You’ll just have to browse around to see what’s new.

Yelp For Products

Every day Consumr adds new reviews from our amazing reviewers as well as from thousands of reviewers around the web. It’s helping us take one step closer to becoming the “Yelp for products.”

We’ve had a few questions as to how all this works, so let’s take the time to explain.

- Everyday people like you log on to the Consumr Barcode Scanner and contribute personal ratings and reviews. They fill out profiles, connect to their social networks, and share their opinions on everything from beauty to baby toys.

- We also bring in opinions from around the web to ensure that you get an instant answer when looking up reviews on your phone. We use some “special sauce” to highlight comments we think you’ll be interested in. Instead of searching multiple sites on your phone, we’ll give you an answer from all of them!

We’re working hard through the summer to bring you even more ratings every day from new sources and our great community. 

Just in time for cicada season…

For a few of you, Consumr got a lot slower as more people submitted reviews to the app (100,000 new ratings will do that to your database). Update to the latest version of Consumr Barcode Scanner to speed up your experience. 

While we were at, we added some pretty cool stuff:

Location Aware Categories: So you’re standing inside Trader Joe’s. Don’t you wish you could instantly see all of the top rated products at TJs? Now you can with location aware categories! We’re adding new stores weekly. Try loading up Consumr the next time you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s!

Books & Appliances: You asked for books and appliances, and now they’re officially part of the new update. More reviews will be added over time by users like you and from third party sources, but play around with them now and let us know what you think.

Friends: We like how everyone is so friendly, so now you can see who follows you and who you follow easily by tapping on your friends count on your profile. Go ahead, make a new reviewer friend!

Smarter Quick Rate: We crunched some numbers and improved Quick Rate. Now you’ll be able to train our recommendations by quick rating products tailored to you.

We also fixed a lot of bugs. Hopefully your bug was in there. If it wasn’t, hit us up at and we’ll get right on it.

Trader Joe’s Top Five Sweet Treats

Have you ever wandered the aisles of Trader Joe’s aimlessly examining  frozen dinners and wondering if they are worth your cash? Consumr review Nathan R’s blog What’s Good at Trader Joe’s fearlessly tastes it all and cherrypicks the best, so you don’t have to. ~Felicia D, Consumr CM

5 Trader Joe’s Treats You Must Try

We here at What’s Good at Trader Joe’s? have reviewed almost 500 TJ’s products in over 400 blog posts over the last 3 years. Trader Joe’s offers a lot of great stuff, but here are 5 sweet items that stand out to us.
This product is so popular, it’s actually hard to find at a lot of TJ’s locations. There’s also a “crunchy" variety, or buy your own Speculoos Cookies and pulverize them into butter yourself!

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Hair chalk has caught on this spring, riding the tail of the bright hues gracing celebrities’ locks. Since bleaching and dyeing hair to achieve bold colors is super damaging, hair chalk can give you a pop without wrecking your tresses. 

Australian hair king Kevin Murphy’s Color Bugs hair chalks just got a new, sparkly sibling in Shimmer Bug, which adds bronzy-gold highlights to any color hair.  Just swipe the powder over dry hair, then work through to distribute.  The gleam lasts until your next shampoo. 

Until July 15 in North America, Shimmer Bugs may contain a golden ticket to win a MacBook Pro. Enter the contest!  

Instagram photo by _BellaCruz_

A Kindle for our best author in June

Our workerbees are hard at work certifying the reward winners for our May Leaderboard (it’s not a diet, so no cheating)! In the meantime, here’s what’s up for grabs in June for topping the leaderboards in Consumr for iPhone:

June Great Reviews: Kindle Fire HD ($199 Value)

June Total Points: Nike Fuel Band ($149 Value)

June Total Reviews: $75 Whole Foods Gift Card

June Barcode Scans: $50 Target Gift Card

With Books and Movies added to Consumr this week, it’s even easier to share your opinions about your favorite things! So get writing, scanning, rating, liking, following… well, you get the idea!